Method for refining sample


PURPOSE:To simplify a method for refining DNA by using phenol by positioning the front end of a dispenser to the bottom end of a vessel and sucking away the liquid of the same volume as the previously supplied phenol or above said volume in this state. CONSTITUTION:The front end of a tip 1 for dispensing is positioned to the bottom of the vessel 8 and a plunger 5 is risen in this state to such a phenol layer 14 into the tip 1 by using the dispenser consisting of a member 11 for pushing the tip for dispensing sliding on the outside of a cylindrical body part and a member 12 for removing the tip for dispensing. The set value of the amt. of the phenol layer to be sucked is determined at the same volume as the volume of the preliminarily injected volume or above said volume. The tip 1 is discarded to a prescribed position after the suction of the phenol layer 14. On the other hand, the vessel 8 in which a water layer 13 contg. the DNA is utilized as it is for the ensuing process. The easy removal of the phenol from the aq. soln. of the sample is thus permitted.




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