Device for assembling semiconductor


PURPOSE: To improve the alignment property by means of accurate positioning by a method wherein the position of pellets are perceived by a camera while the deflection of perceived position from a reference position is detected as an electrical deflection signal by a control mechanism to be outputted so that the deflection may be corrected by a driving mechanism according to the deflection signal. CONSTITUTION: Pellets 1 are shifted to a stage 2 to be vacuum-sucked and when the position of pellets 1 is perceived by a cameral 5 to be projected on a monitor 6, the perceived position of pellets 1 and the aligned reference position are compared with each other detecting the deflection from each other by a control mechanism 7 to output a deflection signal to a driving mechanism. The driving mechanism 8 receiving the deflection signal drives an X-axis driving motor 8a, a Y-axis driving motor 8b and a rotary driving motor 8c to drive ΔX, ΔY an Δθ only respectively in the directions of X-axis, Y-axis and rotating axis. Resultantly, regardless of various sizes, the pellets 1 can be aligned accurately without being damaged at all. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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