Semiconductor integrated circuit device

  • Inventors: KUDO OSAMU
  • Assignees: Nec Corp
  • Publication Date: May 28, 1988
  • Publication Number: JP-S63124551-A


PURPOSE: To connect an n-type conductor and a p-type conductor having different conductivity types stably by using a polysilicon wiring film, by forming a high-melting-point film or a silicide film thereof at an opening part. CONSTITUTION: The following are included in the title device: an n-type silicon substrate 11; a p-type impurity diffused layer 12, which is formed on a part of said substrate; a field insulating film 13, which covers the inactive region of the substrate 1; an interlayer insulating film 14, in which an opening is provided for the p-type impurity diffused layer 12; a silicide film 15 comprising high-melting-point metal (e.g., tungsten) covering said opening part; and a polysilicon wiring film 16, which is connected in an ohmic mode to the p-type impurity diffused layer 12 through the silicide film 15 and in which n-type impurities are added. Namely, the n-type impurity diffused layer 12 and the n-type polysilicon wiring film 16 are connected through the tungsten silicide film 15 at one opening part. Thus the two conductor parts 12 and 16 can form the very stable connecting part regardless of their conductivities. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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