Oil-in-water type emulsified composition


PURPOSE:To eliminate the generation of formalin, by preparing an oil-in-water emulsified composition by compounding a surfactant containing a hydrophilic surfactant with HLB of 10 or more comprising one or more kind of specific monoester. CONSTITUTION:An oil-in-water type emulsified composition is prepared by compounding a surfactant containing a hydrophilic surfactant with HLB of 10 or more being one or more kind of monoester selected from monoester 1 of diglycerine and 12-14C higher fatty acid, monoester 2 of triglycerine and 12-20C higher fatty acid and monoester 3 of tetraglycerine and 12-14C higher fatty acid. The pref. content of monoester in the hydrophilic surfactant is 80% or more by wt. of the total amount of the hydrophilic surfactant.




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