Liquid-crystal display device


PURPOSE: To obtain a display which has a visual field angle in two directions by providing ≥2 display patterns in an upper and a lower substrates, and making their orientation directions different according to visual field angles in the two directions. CONSTITUTION: A liquid crystal oriented film is formed on display patterns 1a and 1b provided on the upper and lower substrates 2 and 3. The display pattern of the upper substrate 2 is rubbed by a mask method as shown by arrows I and K and the display pattern of the lower substrate 3 is rubbed as shown by arrows I and K to orient liquid crystal. Then, TN liquid crystal is charged between the two substrates 2 and 3 to manufacture a liquid crystal panel 1. Polarizing plates 4 and 4' are arranged on and under the liquid-crystal panel 1 so that polarization directions L and M coincide with the orientation directions of the substrates 2 and 3 respectively. pbtaining the liquid crystal display device. The visual field angle of the display pattern 1a is in a direction A and that of the display pattern 1b is in a direction B, but the orientation is performed in direction H' and J' to obtain visual field angles in directions C and D. COPYRIGHT: (C)1986,JPO&Japio




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