Directly coupled steel making-rolling installation


PURPOSE: To improve the combustion efficiency of a heater and the quality of a product by providing a descaler between the outlet of a continuous casting machine and the heater for the edges of a slab. CONSTITUTION: The molten steel in a ladle is poured into a mold 2 and is guided as the slab 3 from a roll group 4 toward the outlet B of the continuous casting machine 1. The slab 3 emitted from the machine 1 is cut to a prescribed length in a cutter zone 5 and the surface scale is removed therefrom by the descaler 7. The descaled slab is fed into the heater 6 for the edges and is then conveyed to a hot mill, The descaler 7 is provided between the machine 1 and the heater 6 to descale the slab before the slab enters the heater 6. The heating efficiency and the product quality are thus improved. COPYRIGHT: (C)1986,JPO&Japio




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