Divided frame of large sized press

  • Inventors: OOBA SUSUMU
  • Assignees: Aida Eng Ltd
  • Publication Date: January 14, 1984
  • Publication Number: JP-S597500-A


PURPOSE:To make strong the frame construction over the entire part by dividing the crown and bed in the divided frames of a large sized press to central part and part corresponding to column and fastening the crown, columns and bed by means of tie rod. CONSTITUTION:A crown 1 is divided to a central part 2 and parts 3 corresponding to column overhanging to the front and rear in both right and left end parts, in a frame of a large sized press constituted of the crown 1, columns 6 and a bed 7. The bed 7 is also divided similarly to a central part 8 and part 9 corresponding to column overhanging to the front and rear in both right and left end parts. Upward stepped part 10 and downward stepped part 11 are respectively provided to the central parts 2, 8, and the central part is engaged with the parts 3, 9 by said stepped parts; at the same time, tie rod 5 penetrated through the part 3, the columns 6 and the part 9 and are securely fastened from above and below. The frame is easily dividable and is provided with the strong construction when assembled.




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