Novel muramyl peptide derivative


NEW MATERIAL:A compound expressed by formula I (Ala is alanine; R is H, alkyl, or aralkyl; n is an integer 1-6; A1 and A2 are H or 2-30C fatty acid residue). EXAMPLE:N<epsilon>-(6-O-Stearoyl-N-acetylmuramyl-alanyl-D-isoglutaminy l)-lysine. USE:A preventing and treating agent for microbial infection and an antitumor agent. PREPARATION:The protecting group (Z) in a compound expressed by formula II(Z is a protecting group of the amino group) is eliminated, and if necessary the resultant compound is then condensed with an active substance of a compound expressed by the formula A3-OH (A3 has the same meaning as A1 and A2).




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