PURPOSE: To prepare "koji" (malted rice, etc.) having high enzymatic titer, by inoculating the swollen raw material for the preparation of "koji" under high water- content, and malting at a specific temperature. CONSTITUTION: Carbohydrate raw material such as rice, wheat, barley, corn, etc. and proteinous raw material such as soybean, are properly swollen, and if necessary, mixed with 1W35wt%, pref. 5W15wt% (dry basis) of fibrous raw material such as bean-curd refuse, wheat bran, grain hulls, etc. to obtain the raw material for the preparation of "koji". The raw material is adjusted to 45W60% water- content, inoculated, and malted first at 30W35°C for 15W25hr, and then at 20W 25°C for 20W95hr. COPYRIGHT: (C)1982,JPO&Japio




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