Apparatus for conveying pallet intermittently and freely


PURPOSE:To speed up conveying of pallets and to improve the accuracy of the stopping of the pallets, by providing rollers to opposite sides of a central projection of the T shaped pallet, arranging parallel cams to a pallet traveling table intermittently conveying section, the cams being capable of engageable with the rollers, and forming other parts into freely conveying sections. CONSTITUTION:The pallet transferred to a pallet travelling table is conveyed freely by frictional engagement of the rollers 71 and the pallet 15 to proceed slowly, while the follower roller 58 engages with the parallel cam 98, and the follower rollers 58, 59 engage with each other. At this moment, the rollers 71 rotate at high speed, the rollers 71 and the undersurface of the pallet 15 begin to slip, it moves to the left being regulated by the parallel cams 98A, 98B rotating by the drive of a motor, and the follower rollers 58, 59 engage with each other. Thus the pallet 15 is stopped or moved intermittently by the actuation of stop and drive being regulated due to the shape of the parallel cam 98. Thus, the speed up and the improvement in the accuracy of the stopping position of the pallet can be effected.




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