Image forming device having function redundant system



PURPOSE: To provide an image forming device with the function which can be substituted for the specified function of the device by incorporating a function redundant system in the device. CONSTITUTION: In the case that the specified functional part of the device (image forming part 1) is not operated, the device is operated according to previously fixed combination so that the potential function of a remaining functional part is substituted for the original function of the specified functional part. The combination is previously calculated based on an FBS diagram (diagram consisting of function, behavior and state), stored in a memory, and selected by a ROM selection part 24. COPYRIGHT: (C)1993,JPO&Japio
(57)【要約】 【目的】画像形成装置に機能冗長系を組み込んで、装置 の特定の機能に代替が可能な機能を備えること。 【構成】装置の特定の機能部分を動作させない場合に、 残る機能部分の潜在機能によって特定の機能部分の本来 機能を代替させるように、予め定める組合せに従って装 置を動作させる。この組合せは、FBSダイアグラム (機能、挙動および状態からなるダイアグラム)に基づ いて予め算出され、メモリに記憶されている。




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