Control device in car washing machine


PURPOSE: To selectively dry a part of a car body of a car while the working efficiency is improved and the power is saved by jetting drying air from an upper drying nozzle while traveling a traveling frame to reciprocate designated number of times in a repetitive drying block set in a part of the whole traveling block of the traveling frame. CONSTITUTION: A designated repetitive drying block is set in a part of the whole traveling block of a traveling frame 1. During drying, in the repetitive drying block, the operation of a traveling drive device 3 and a blower is controlled in such a manner that while the traveling frame 1 is traveled to reciprocate designated number of times, drying air is jetted from an upper drying nozzle 2. In this case, in the repetitive traveling block, there is provided a block for jetting drying air to a rear glass (r) of an automobile V. Thus, a part to be especially carefully dried of the upper surface of the car body can be repeatedly dried so that the above part can be selectively dried. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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