Cylinder block structure of v-type engine


PURPOSE: To facilitate the casting and reduce the weight by forming one edge side of a crankcase to an opened edge, integrally shaping a cylinder with the crankcase, and forming a cam gear accommodation space on the side surface on the crankcase side of a skirt part in the crankcase. CONSTITUTION: As for an air-cooled longitudinal shaft V type two-cylinder engine, each skirt part 1a of the cylinders 1 arranged in V type at right and left projects into a crankcase 3, and a camshaft 7 is arranged at the crankcase inside part between the edge parts where both the skirt parts 1a approach most, i.e., in the innermost edge part of the V-shaped part. Further, the crankcase 3 is integrally shaped with each cylinder 1 through the aluminum die casting shaping, and the whole surface on one edge side in the crankshaft direction of the crankcase 3 is opened to form an opened edge surface 3a, and a case cover is fixed in demountable manner on the opened edge surface 3a. A space S for accommodating a cam gear is formed on the side surface on the opened edge surface 3a side of the cylinder skirt part 1a projecting into the crankcase 3, and a cam gear 16 is accommodated into the space S. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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