Method of forming electrode of electronic component


PURPOSE: To improve the solderability and strength as an electrode by a method wherein a Cu alloy containing P or Ag with a specific content is employed as flame-coating material. CONSTITUTION: Although it is necessary to have the content of P in Cu alloy enough to minimize oxidation at the time of flame-coating, the content of P is practically limited within a range of 0.1-10wt.%. Further, it is effective to have the thickness of an electrode 3 not larger than 0.7mm in order to suppress residual stress and deformation within practical levels. When a multilayer structure is employed as the structure of the electrode, if the main components of the element 13 of an electronic component are Al thin films 2, a Cu-Zn alloy layer 10 which has little potential difference from the Al thin film 2 is formed, then the P-Cu alloy layer 3 is formed and an Sn layer or an Sn-Pb alloy layer 11 is further formed on the P-Cu alloy layer 3. With this constitution, the solderability can be improved. Further, it is also effective that, for instance, the Cu-Zn layers 10 are formed on the element 13 of the electronic component and the layers 10 are flame-coated with the Cu-alloy layers 15 containing 60wt.% of Ag and, after the surface are polished, the surfaces are reduced by organic acid or the like and the Sn alloy layers 11 are formed to form the electrodes. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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