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【課題】スタックエリアの無駄使いがなく、また、電源ノイズや瞬停に無駄に反応しない遊技機を提供する。 【解決手段】スロットマシンSLの動作は、電源投入時に開始されて無限ループ状に繰り返されるメイン処理と、所定時間毎に生じるタイマ信号に基づいて開始されるタイマ割込み処理と、監視電圧が限界値を超えたことを示す異常信号に基づいて開始される電圧降下割込み処理とを備えて実行される。タイマ信号又は異常信号による割込みは、ともにソフトウェア的に受付けを禁止又は許可できるよう構成される。タイマ割込み処理には、実質的に全ての処理が完了してから、それまで禁止されていた他の割込みの受付けを許可する許可処理(ST38)を備え、電圧降下割込み処理には、異常信号ALMのレベルを判定して、それが監視電圧の異常値を示すレベルであることを条件に、CPUのレジスタ類の退避処理を実行させるレベル判定処理(ST40)を備える。 【選択図】図19
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a game machine that does not waste a stack area, and does not wastefully react with power supply noise and instantaneous interruption.SOLUTION: The operation of a slot machine SL is performed via main processing which is started at powering-on, and repeated in an infinite loop state, timer interruption processing which is started on the basis of a timer signal generated at each prescribed time, and voltage lowering interruption processing which is started on the basis of a failure signal indicating that a monitor voltage exceeds a limit value. Interruption by the timer signal or the failure signal is performed so as to inhibit and/or permit reception in terms of software. The timer interruption processing includes permission processing (ST38) which permits the reception of the other interruption which has been inhibited until a time after all pieces of the processing are substantially completed, and the voltage lowering interruption processing includes level determination processing (ST40) which determines a level of the failure signal ALM, and performs the retreat processing of registers of a CPU under a condition that the determined level indicates an failure value of the monitor voltage.




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