Induction heating coil



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an induction heating coil having less loss and high efficiency, being small in size, and simple structure and being easily manufactured. SOLUTION: An electric wire 2 is cut to a predetermined length, in which an insulating body 2b collectively covers the outer periphery of a composite conductor in which a plurality of adjoining conductors 2a are contacted with each other and arranged parallel to one another. Then, since the electric wire is wound into a ring from, in order to secure and reinforce the bundle of electric wire wound into a ring form, a binding tape 4 is pasted to four points on the outer periphery of the bundle of electric wire and is secured finally on a base material 3 that consists of a double-sided tape. COPYRIGHT: (C)2011,JPO&INPIT
【課題】 損失が少なく高効率であり、尚且つ、寸法が小型で構造がシンプルで製法が容易な誘導加熱用コイルを提供することにある。 【解決手段】 隣接する複数の導体2aを互いに接触した状態で平行配置した複合導体の外周に絶縁体2bが一括被覆された電線2を所定の長さにカット後、円環状に巻回する。さらに、円環状に巻回された電線束の固定を補強するため、電線束の外周4箇所に結束テープ4を貼り、最後に両面テープからなる基材3上に固定する。 【選択図】 図2




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