Thumbtack for gypsum board



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To materialize simultaneously a thumbtack for gypsum board having a plurality of pins with the function that pins do not come off the board once they are stuck and the function of working on it single handedly without using any tools which has a higher load resistance than an ordinary single pin thumbtack, and has a higher safety quality by integrating slanting pins onto the thumbtack body itself. <P>SOLUTION: The thumbtack for gypsum board connects two plinths in movable condition; one having pins to be stuck perpendicular to the wall (perpendicular pin) and the other having pins to be stuck aslant to the wall (tilting pin). After sticking perpendicular pins of the front plinth to the wall, the tilting pins of the back plinth which penetrates the core of the front plinth are stuck to the wall, thus two kinds of different angled pins are stuck from the front plinth toward the wall. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2010,JPO&amp;INPIT
【課題】複数の針を有する石膏ボード用画鋲において、針をさし込んだら抜けない機能と、道具を用いず片手で作業できる機能を持ち、通常の1本針の画鋲よりも耐加重性が高く、斜め針が本体に一体化されたおり安全性の高い石膏ボード用画鋲を同時に実現する。 【解決手段】本発明である石膏ボード用画鋲は、壁面に対して垂直にさし込む針(垂直針)を有する台座と、壁面に対して斜めにさし込む針(傾斜針)を有する台座の2つの台座を可動状態で連結させる。前方の台座の垂直針で壁をさし込んだ後、前方の台座の内部を貫通する後方台座の傾斜針を壁にさし込むことにより、前方の台座から壁に向けて2種類の方向から針がさし込む状態を実現する。 【選択図】図1




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