Liquid storing bag body



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a liquid storing bag body in which piercing of a piercing tube can be stably performed by using a bag equipped with self-standing bottom parts on both ends. SOLUTION: The liquid storing bag body 7 is used for a liquid taking-out apparatus in which a piercing tube of a liquid taking-out pump which is set in a container and is mounted on an opening part of the upper end of the container is pierced from the upper part, and a liquid inside is taken out from a nozzle of the liquid taking-out pump by an operation of the liquid taking-out pump. A bag body 8 is prepared into a cylindrical shape by using a synthetic resin film as a material and equipped with bottom parts 10 each exhibiting a shape of the bottom part of the lower end of a stand pack shape on both upper and lower ends being both ends in the lengthwise direction of the barrel part 9, and equipped with a filling opening 11 for the content on one side part along the lengthwise direction of the barrel part 9. The liquid being the content is filled in the bag body 8, and the barrel part 9 of the bag body 8 under a condition that the inlet part of the filling opening 11 is closed is tightened by such a tightening means as a string and a ring 14 to turn the bottom parts 10 of both ends stretched. COPYRIGHT: (C)2010,JPO&INPIT
【課題】両端に自立可能な底部を備えた袋を用いて突き刺しチューブの突き刺しを安定良く行なえるようにした液体収納袋体を提供する。 【解決手段】容器内にセットされ容器の上端口部に装着される液体取り出しポンプの突き刺しチューブが上から突き刺さり、液体取り出しポンプの動作により内部の液体が液体取り出しポンプのノズルより取り出される液体取り出し装置に使用される液体収納袋体7であって、袋本体8が合成樹脂フィルムを材料に用いて筒状となるように作られ、その胴部9の長さ方向両端である上下両端にスタンドパックの形態の下端の底部の形を呈する底部10を備え、胴部9の長さ方向に沿う一側部に内容物の充填口11を備えてなり、かかる袋本体8内には内容物である液体が充填され、充填口11の入口部が閉じられた状態の袋本体8の胴部9を紐やリング14などの締め付け手段で締め付け両端の底部10が張った状態となるようにした。 【選択図】図5




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