Electric kettle



【課題】スイッチ手段の寿命を向上し得る電気ケトルを提供する。 【解決手段】貯留している湯水を加熱する加熱手段と、加熱停止位置と加熱作動位置とに移動操作自在で且つ加熱作動位置から加熱停止位置に復帰付勢された操作具15を備えて、その操作具15が加熱作動位置に位置する状態で加熱手段を加熱作動させ且つ操作具15が加熱停止位置に位置する状態で加熱手段の加熱作動を停止させるように構成されたスイッチ手段Sとが設けられた電気ケトルであって、貯留している湯水の加熱が完了する加熱完了条件が満たされない状態において、操作具15を加熱作動位置に保持する保持手段Kと、加熱完了条件が満たされると、操作具15が保持手段Kにより加熱作動位置に保持される状態を解除する解除手段Rと、操作具15が加熱停止位置と加熱作動位置との間の正常移動範囲の外部に移動されるのを制限するストッパ手段Gとが設けられている。 【選択図】図9
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an electric kettle capable of improving the service life of switch means. SOLUTION: The electric kettle includes: heating means heating stored hot water; and switch means S includingan operation device 15 movably operated to a heating stop position and a heating actuation position and urged to return from the heating actuation position to the heating stop position, and constituted to allow the operation device 15 to heatingly actuate the heating means with its 15 located at the heating actuation position and to stop the heating operation of the heating means, with the operation device located at the heating stop position. This electric kettle further includes: retention means K adapted to retain the operation device 15 at the heating actuation position where a heating completion condition for completing the heating of the stored hot water is non-satisfied; release means R adapted to release the state where the operation device 15 is retained at the heating actuation position by the retention means K when the heating completion condition is satisfied; and stopper means G restricting the operation device 15 to move outside a normal movement range between the heating stop position and the heating actuation position. COPYRIGHT: (C)2010,JPO&INPIT




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